The Evolution of Customer Service [Infographic]

Customer service delivery channels are increasing and evolving at a dizzying pace. A recent Ovum study of more than 8,000 consumers shows that 74 percent now use at least three channels when interacting with an enterprise brand or organization for customer-related issues—and this individualized stepping-stone journey to resolution is forever changing service and support.

The infographic below highlights the addition of major customer service channels over the last two decades. What’s next on the timeline and to add into the fold of omni-channel customer service delivery? Predictive analytics? Wearables? The Internet of Things? Yes, yes and yes. And then? Only time will tell.

The Evolution of Customer Service [Infographic] image EvolutionOfCustomerServiceInfographic1Parature-EvolutionOfCustomerService-Infographic-07162013

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