Everything You Wanted to Know about Hibernation [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    Everything You Wanted to Know about Hibernation [Infographic] image INFO hibernationEverything You Wanted to Know about Hibernation [Infographic]

    With so many different species spread across the world, it’s only natural that some animals live in areas where the winter is very strict and the living conditions are extremely difficult. This means these animals have to do something to survive when the cold just seems too much, so during the winter they enter in a state of lethargy or deep sleep, reducing their body’s activities to the minimum necessary for survival. This phenomenon is called hibernation and you can find out the most interesting facts about it in our awesome infographic! For instance, did you know that birds and fishes also hibernate? We bet you don’t, but now you can learn everything about it.

    Find out why and how some animals hibernate to escape the cold and the low quantities of food. Discover how some species reduce their breathing, decrease their heartbeat and limit their metabolic functions to the minimum to save energy. Only the animals that live in areas with very cold winters and that are able to maintain constant body temperature can hibernate. Some of these animals are snakes, lizards, turtles, hedgehogs, bats, squirrels or marmots… During the hibernation period, some of these species will consume the fat that is stored in their body, in order to survive. It works like a great diet, with some animals losing half their body weight during this period. However, other animals will stock their nest with food for the winter.

    The sleepy time lasts until spring, when the air temperature rises, letting the animals know it’s time to wake up. But this is not as easy as you might think: it takes time to warm up and look for water and a “toilet”. So, are you curious enough to peek at our infographic and learn more? We must hurry, winter is almost here!


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