In the event of a crash, this scooter will let the driver’s family know


Owners of bikes and scooters are the most at risk on the road, so it’s no wonder we’ve previously seen innovations such as the Crash Sensor helmet, which lets contacts know when an accident has happened. Now the Spain-based Electric Mobility Company has introduced the Xkuty, an electric scooter which automatically alerts relatives in the event of a crash, thanks to features such as smartphone control.

Technically a bike-scooter hybrid, the vehicle has a designated spot at the handlebars into which riders can place their iPhone. Using the smartphone’s accelerometer, the Xkuty’s companion app can detect crashes and then access the user’s selected contacts to notify them of the accident and the rider’s location. From there, friends and relatives can check if the owner is ok — or alert emergency services if not — and travel to the scene themselves.

Weighing just 42 kg, the vehicle can travel up to 35 km/h, and the app can also be used to control other features. The scooter can be set to automatically lock when owners aren’t in its proximity, while the smartphone screen can also be used as a speedometer. The video below offers a demonstration of the Xkuty.

The Xkuty is available in a range of colors starting at EUR 2,800. How else can vehicles of all kinds be configured to offer immediate information in the event of a crash?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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