How To Get Even More Google Sitelinks!

Google has today made it easier than ever to get new bigger and better Google Sitelinks for your ads, which help people find information deeper in your site so they can get to where they want to go faster.

Previously it was already possible to specify clickable anchor text for all of your Google Sitelinks. And today, AdWords is going even further by enabling you to nominate specific text for your Google Sitelink descriptions from within your AdWords account. This will enable more granular control over the descriptions that display when your Google sitelink is shown to searchers.

Here’s what the new super-sized Google Sitelinks look like:

How To Get Even More Google Sitelinks! image new supersized google sitelinksHow To Get Even More Google Sitelinks!

These huge new sitelinks are like the AdWords equivalent of the T-Rex Burger:

How To Get Even More Google Sitelinks! image google sitelinks t rex burgerHow To Get Even More Google Sitelinks!

Google says that ads containing the new, larger Google Sitelinks with additional detail generate significantly higher click-through rates and were deemed to be more relevant and useful versus the same ad containing traditional 2- and 3-line Sitelinks.

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New Huge Google Sitelinks Only Available in Enhanced Campaigns

The new Google Sitelink format containing extended descriptions is available only in enhanced campaigns. This provides a tempting incentive to search marketers who still haven’t upgraded to EC’s, just one month ahead of the auto-upgrade deadline of July 22.

All upgraded campaigns have the option of adding extra text to your sitelinks – to enable google sitelinks, just fill out both lines of the “Description” field when creating a new sitelink or editing an existing sitelink. It’s like turning your ad into 5 ads!

How To Get Even More Google Sitelinks! image create new google sitelinkHow To Get Even More Google Sitelinks!

As expected, Google disclaims that your ads won’t always show Google Sitelinks, and when they do, the format that appears could vary.

Google Sitelink Policy

The core guidelines for sitelink extensions remain the same with the new larger ad format:

  • Google site links cannot violate the duplicate sitelink URL policy
  • Site link text cannot use keyword insertion
  • Site link text cannot be the same as other sitelinks in the same ad group/campaign or the main ad that’s serving
  • Site links show up in groupings of 2 and 4 at a time

Have you upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns yet? Do you plan to try out the new T-Rex sitelinks?

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