How to Evaluate Your Copy

How to Evaluate Your Copy image business man 300x199How to Evaluate Your CopyThis week’s blog post is slightly late as I’ve spent the last couple of days covering a heck of a lot of miles on my bike on a charity challenge in aid of CLIC Sargent.

It was hard work and as a team of nine I think we went through every emotion possible, but it was all worthwhile when we were greeted by family, friends and lots of cake at the finish. I even got a medal presented to me by Darth Vader!

But now the celebrations are over we’re evaluating what went well and what didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think at this stage any of us are planning to do this again, but it’s useful to evaluate the challenge even if it’s just to help us take in what we achieved.

In the same way it’s always useful to evaluate your copy after you’ve written it, and preferably before you send it out the door or to your designer to incorporate into a leaflet, email or website.

But how do you evaluate that copy you’ve just written?
Well to help you evaluate your copy here are 15 questions to ask yourself (in no particular order):

  1. Read it quickly ignoring the details, does it make sense?
  2. Does it demonstrate the problem AND the solution?
  3. Are the language and the content appropriate?
  4. Is your unique selling point clear?
  5. Does it flow logically, step by step?
  6. Is your promise (what you offer, how you’ll solve their problem) clear and specific?
  7. Does the headline, subject line or envelope give people a reason to carry on reading?
  8. Have you included testimonials?
  9. Does it read like you are talking to someone?
  10. Have you included all the facts?
  11. Would an idiot understand it?
  12. Have you told them how to reply to you?
  13. Have you asked repeatedly for a reply?
  14. Have you included your contact details?
  15. Have you included a reason to reply now, such as a limited number available or closing date?

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