How To Establish Your Author Identity On SERP

As an author, you would want more and more people to read the articles that you have posted in various internet resources. The more the number of people attracted to your writing, the higher your popularity over other authors on the internet. How do you increase the page ranks for the pages that you have written? Here are a couple of tips on how to establish your author identity on SERP:

Create Your Own Site:
Instead of just posting articles in various internet sites about your works, have a site of your own. You own website can serve as a dynamic tool in promoting your works and will enable you to reach out to an audience that is located all over the e world. You can spread information about your skills to those who want it and you can tell people about your stories, books, blog posts and much more in such a way that it captures their interest and they will want to read your works more.

Optimize Your Site’s Content: Once you have your own site and have decided how to present information in it, make the site search engine relevant. This means incorporating the right set of keywords into the site’s content so that it can be easily indexed by search engine robots. Use keyword tools so that you can find popular search terms that are relevant to the content that you have written in your web pages.

Create Blogs:
The easiest way to promote your author SERP is by blogging. Daily posts about your works and writing is a great way to inform people about what you have written. You can post special offers, interesting hot news and anything special in these blogs. You can create blogs for various types of writing works. The options with using blogs for promotional purposes are endless. The best thing about blogs is that you can get very creative with what to write here. Make sure to infuse the posts with the right keywords so that the blog is easily picked by search engine and it turns up on top of search results. Have a link in your site to the blog so that people can read up latest information on your writing work here. Similarly, there should be a link in the blog to your site so that people who visit the blog can reach your site. Your blog’s popularity will increase the page ranks of your website.

Make Use Of Social Media Networks: Now what people like the most are social media networks. Why? This is a place where people interact with one another and through which they can easily popularize their products or services. Open up a page for your writing service here and see how people respond to it. You will find people quickly interacting to your page, writing comments, following you and your articles. If you place links here to your blog or your site the ranks of your site increases drastically and this will boost your author SERP.

News Networks: There are so many news resources on the internet. You should make use of these resources to talk about what you have written, the latest piece of writing that has been published else posted on your site or blog. When you make people talk about you in various news sites, you can be sure of attracting visitors to your site or blog. It will also increase the number of people reading the articles that you have written in ezine and other internet forums. You can also find additional on Google Author Rank in this blog “How To Maximize Your Google Author Rank“.

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