Enterprise Moving to the Cloud? Part 2: News from the Cloud as Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Goes Digital

Enterprise Moving to the Cloud? Part 2: News from the Cloud as Pittsburgh Post Gazette Goes Digital image pittsburgh post gazetteEnterprise Moving to the Cloud? Part 2: News from the Cloud as Pittsburgh Post Gazette …When you look at organizations which have successfully moved to the cloud, none provide a better example than those who have, after years and years of operation, benefited from such a move. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is rooted to its original form, the Gazette, established in 1786. With this long of a history, the organization has experienced a great many changes in technology. Recently, it signed a software-as-a-Service agreement with Digital Technology International (DTI), a major provider of cloud services.

One of the first major articles published by the paper was the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. Today, it is making efforts to transform with the new digital era. A strategic plan has been put in place to continue the company’s growth, at a time when many newspapers are experiencing a decline in business as web-based media dominates. The newspaper has moved its subscription system and marketing campaign systems to the cloud. Included in this change is the ability to accept customers’ credit cards via an online transaction model.

A Move Made Possible by a Cloud Publishing Platform

The platform making Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s move to the cloud possible is DTI Cloud. This award-winning system is scalable and secure and is employed by some of the largest editorial companies in the United States, including the Sun-Times Media Group. In addition, the platform has all of the characteristics beneficial to cloud deployments – guaranteed uptime, deployment in certified Tier 3 or 4 facilities, and multiple power and cooling redundancy systems.

Security at the physical, operational, and access levels, plus continuous Internet traffic analysis, ensures that clients receive the best in service. Also included in the agreement is DTI’s Digital Paymeter solution, specifically designed for news media publishers looking to develop and manage their digital and mobile presence. With this system, the Post-Gazette was able to customize its digital system and provide customers with a convenient product that meets their needs. Single log on, integrating with the company’s own authentication systems, provides convenience at the corporate level too.

Attaining Achievements

The cloud model was implemented because the newspaper was focused on customer retention. By marketing online and managing subscriptions using a digital cloud system, it could enable customers to be free to subscribe online with their credit cards. The move has also enabled electronic editions of the Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Press to be published, in addition to other kinds of digital products.

Moving to the cloud benefits the company because customers tend to read news on computers or mobile devices such as the iPhone or an Android-based device. The company can also charge for offerings such as readers for the specific device and apps for topics such as sports. By partnering with a cloud company, it has been able to tailor its products to an audience more focused on reading the news online than ever before. For a company that has been around 227 years, it is an ambitious move, but the payback so far has been worthwhile.

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