Service enables Thailand visitors to take home a rescue dog

    By Tom | Small Business


    Those who have visited Thailand will know that it’s common to see stray dogs roaming the streets. The country has a huge problem with homeless animals, and there are over 120,000 street dogs in Bangkok alone. In order to help deal with this burden, animal charity Soi Dog has now launched a scheme to encourage overseas visitors to adopt a stray by taking it home on their return flight.

    International pet adoption isn’t currently popular because of the fees and administration involved in importing an animal from another country. However, Soi Dog wants to make it easier for dog lovers in the US, Canada, UK and Europe to take home a stray after visiting Thailand. With it’s Flight Volunteer scheme, adopted pets can be registered with an owner when flying, which is a cheaper option than flying the dog as cargo. When flying as cargo, dogs are kept in cages for several hours before the flight is ready as there’s no-one to look after it. The Soi Dog scheme means the new owner can stay with the dog until it’s time to load, making the whole process less stressful for the animals. Additionally, Soi Dog deals with all of the paperwork for registering the dog on the flight so long as volunteers provide notice before they’re due to fly.

    Watch the video below to learn more about the program:

    Soi Dog makes international adoption easier, reducing the burden of street dogs on Thai cities as well as providing visitors with a real memento from their trip. Are there other ways to make rescue dog adoption more appealing?


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