Service enables sharing of documents via QR code

The technologies and formats we use to create business documents may have evolved considerably over the years, but the fact remains that most are still shared on paper or via email. That’s where Montreal-based TagMyDoc comes in, with a free service that adds a QR code to virtually any document or presentation, enabling others to get a copy by simply scanning the code with their mobile device.

Users of TagMyDoc, which is now in beta, begin by choosing the document they’d like to share; currently, the site can handle PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenDocument Format files and images. TagMyDoc then adds a QR code to the document, enabling anyone to simply scan the code to get a virtual copy of the document. Others can then make comments about the document electronically; they can also sign up to follow a document over time to keep track of updates. Dedicated add-ins for Microsoft Office allow users to tag, store and share documents directly from their MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word toolbars; applications for Box and DropBox, meanwhile, enable users of those services to sync their accounts with TagMyDoc. The video below explains the premise in more detail:

TagMyDoc ranges in price from free for basic use with a document-size limit of 2MB up to USD 5 per month for Premium Plus service including a 75MB limit on document sizes. One to try out in your next presentation – or get involved in?


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