Site enables pets to be played with remotely

Technology such as the Gatefeeder has already enabled cat owners to feed their pets while they’re away. Now iPet Companion uses robotically controlled toys to allow web users to play with sheltered cats remotely to keep them entertained.

Using technology provided by Reach-in, the website hosts live video streams of cat shelters in nine different location in the US, such as the Oregon Humane Society and the Foothills Animal Shelter in Denver. Users can take control of both the camera view and remote-controlled toys placed around the room where the animals are located for a period of two minutes at a time. Moving the toys attracts the attention of nearby cats, enabling web users to play with the animals remotely in real-time. This provides entertainment for both the user and the pets, reduces the burden on staff at the shelters and – according to the company – has a positive effect on the amount of time users spend on shelter webpages, boosting donation and adoption numbers.

Although it is used for animal charities in this instance, the technology is available for busy pet owners to implement in their own homes to ensure their pets don’t get bored when left alone. Could this kind of technology be used in other industries or areas?


Spotted by: Raymond Neo

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