Service enables airplane passengers to deliver treats to their flier of choice

    By Tom | Small Business

    Virgin’s airlines have featured on these pages numerous times in the past for their innovative additions to in-flight amenities, from voter registration to art viewings. Now, Virgin America has introduced Seat-to-Seat Delivery, a service that lets passengers send a free drink or snack to any other seat.

    Added to Red – the company’s in-flight entertainment system – customers can use their seat’s tablet to view the menu and select the drink, meal or snack they want to send. They can then see a plan of the aircraft and choose the seat of the person they want to treat. Users have the option to add a message or initiate a conversation using Red’s Seat-to-Seat Chat function. The video below sees Virgin founder Richard Branson explain a bit more about the system in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner:

    The scheme could provide passengers with a fun way to connect with fellow fliers without leaving their seat, although it’s evident that some may not welcome such attention while stuck at 30,000 feet. However, Virgin has recognized that travel and new friendships go hand-in-hand and continue to push the possibilities of in-flight entertainment. Plenty of inspiration here for travel companies of all kinds.


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