Employees share their hobbies with colleagues through HR platform

Few would dispute the notion that a sense of community within a company can boost interaction, morale and even productivity; the challenge, of course, is creating this environment. With a similar aim to Coffee Who, Belgian ShareBox is a new platform HR departments can use to foster connections and a sense of community among employees based on their personal hobbies and passions.

It’s a rare employee who doesn’t have some hidden talent unknown to those at work, such as making sushi or brewing beer, for example. ShareBox Pro aims to help companies discover these and then use them to foster community and interaction by creating short videos of the employees in question demonstrating their skills and then sharing them with the company through its platform and via lunchtime sessions at work. ShareBox Pro also generates a map of interests within the company to help HR make the most of employees’ passions. The video below explains the premise behind both the community and the Pro versions of ShareBox in more detail:

Not even the most dedicated employees can be defined simply by what they do for work, and recognizing these outside passions could benefit all involved. HR-minded entrepreneurs: one to partner with or emulate?

Website: www.sharebox.be/pro
Contact: www.sharebox.be/pro/contact

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