This emergency help button could help seniors lead more active lives


The elderly are more prone to succumbing to illnesses and health conditions, and therefore require greater attention to ensure they’re ok, and we’ve already seen innovations such as the Oxitone watch, which automatically alerts doctors when users begin to have heart trouble. Now the Amulyte is a wearable ‘assistance needed’ button that helps any senior to let family and caregivers know if they’re in trouble, wherever they are.

The device can be kept around the user’s neck and doesn’t require a smartphone to work – all of its features are contained in the device. It has a GPS locator and an accelerometer, and is wifi capable and connects to a cellular network to ensure it is always able to reach emergency responders. Family members and health professionals can extract rich data about the elderly user, including their exact location, the activity levels and insight into their lifestyles. For seniors, the device features a button that can be pressed whenever they need help, connecting them to responders through 2-way audio communication. It is currently possible to register interest in placing a USD 99 pre-order, with a basic service fee of USD 29 a month.

The Amulyte puts the minds of both seniors and their family at rest by giving them to ability to raise an alarm at any time, while also enabling them to lead more active lifestyles. As improvements in healthcare gradually raise the average age of the world population, are there other ways to make sure older people are looked after?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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