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The recent arrival of videos to Instagram made the lack of embed utilities glaringly obvious for website owners.

Fortunately, Instagram has now resolved this, and you no longer need to go through a very cumbersome process to embed images or video into your WordPress website or blog.

How To Embed Instagram Video & Images

Simply log into the Instagram desktop website and open the image or video you wish to embed.

Get the image or video into the mode where it is the main thing you are seeing (and the background is darkened out).

Now, on the right-hand blue nagivation bar you will see the original three icons and now a fourth one for embed.

Click the icon that is in this lower right position to open the Embed popup.

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This embed popup contains the embed code you will use to embed the image or video.

This is then handled the same way you might embed a YouTube video manually. Just paste the code into your HTML editor (or HTML tab on WordPress) and boom, you’re good to go!

As with YouTube, you can embed your own content, or content created by one of your favorite photographer/videographers!

Are you on Instagram? You can find me here.

Have you checked out video on Instagram yet? (Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent the videos from autoplaying!)

What do you think of all the recent changes to the site?

Let me know in the comments below!

PS: Because this is a simple iframe style embed code, just like YouTube, you can also use it in a WordPress “Text” type widget on your WP blog.

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