Is Email Marketing Still Beneficial For Your Business?

Is Email Marketing Still Beneficial For Your Business? image Depositphotos 2944878 s 300x200Is Email Marketing Still Beneficial For Your Business?The emergence of social media marketing, reputation management, and search engine optimization (SEO) has seemingly overshadowed email marketing. Email is DEAD! they shout. Long live what ever else it is they are selling. Nonetheless, email marketing is still a crucial component that every business needs to incorporate into its marketing plan.

The key reason why email marketing is still an important tool to endorse and promote your business is because hundreds of thousands of people today use Smartphones to connect to their emails 24/7. Recent statistics say that 42% of all emails are viewed on a mobile device, and that is expected to continue to increase. It is not unusual to find a consumer checking his/her email at least 3-4 times in a day on that mobile device. As an entrepreneur or marketer, you need to be exactly where your clients are.

Listed below, are the top two benefits of using email as your preferred marketing tool to market your products or services:

#1: Email marketing enables you to easily segment your list

As an entrepreneur, the odds are that you have heard of the term target marketing. Simply speaking, not all segments of your market desire the same thing. For example, if your business establishment deals in men and women clothing, it won’t make business sense to market warm, fluffy pajamas for male clients.

Or, if you are an entrepreneur who owns multiple retail stores in different areas of the city, it won’t make business sense to promote a holiday special designed for east side consumers to west side clients. These kinds of problems can easily be sorted out by adopting email marketing and segmenting your lists.

One of the key advantages of adopting email marketing is the fact that it enables you to segment your list of clients based on factors such as:

- Demography.

- Behavior.

- Interest.

#2: Educate yourself on what your clients desire

The other advantage of incorporating email marketing in your campaigns is the fact that it allows you to present different forms of products, services and contents which customers want. For example, if you were to send an email regarding discounts and offers on shoes and dresses to female clients and 95% of the responses received are in regards to shoes, you will be able to know that most of your female customers are keen on acquiring shoes than dresses.

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