Should Your Email Marketing be Like a Miniskirt?

When a business starts using email campaigns as part of marketing automation, they often make one of two mistakes (some will make both):

  1. They focus on the benefits of their product.
  • They try to convince with a way-too-long email.

Both of these approaches are gravely wrong in the minds of today’s buyers. If you try to use either of these tactics, it will be as attractive as a cheap pick-up line at a sleazy bar. Most will rebuff you. The ones that do respond are not your ideal customers.

Should Your Email Marketing be Like a Miniskirt? image skirtShould Your Email Marketing be Like a Miniskirt?What Does That Have to Do with a Miniskirt???

Think about it. The allure of a mini-skirt is the balance of what shows and what is hidden. In fact, CC Chapman has coined the marketing term, the Miniskirt Philosophy in a mini book called “Content Rules”. The rule is to make content like emails “Long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep it interesting.”

Email marketing should not have a business trying to convince a customer to purchase. It simply does not work with the internet-empowered buyer. What you want to accomplish is to keep them interested and engaged with your company.

How Do You Know if Your Email is Interesting?

The short answer is – Measure the response.

Notice how many responses you get from each email in your sales automation. Set up metrics in your CRM software to deliver the email campaigns. Once you see which emails get response and which ones are ignored, you have the feedback loop needed to tweak the sales process.

Remember, the recipient determines the quality of what you send them…not you. Everyone in the company may think the email is clever, useful and educational…but if the person getting the email does not respond, you know that you are wrong.

You can monitor metrics after each segment of the campaign is delivered. Marketing automation delivered from your online CRM provides tools to fine-tune your email content and discover what the recipient wants to know.

Why Can’t We Just Sell Anymore?

If you long for the days when your salespeople could knock on doors and use closing techniques to win the sale, you’re not alone. Sadly, those days are over…dead and buried…never to return again.

You must give buyers what they demand.

Almost no purchase is made without digital research these days. From small consumer items to six-figure software programs, decision makers feel responsible for their education about the purchase. The best way to control the educational process is to implement lead nurturing campaigns within your CRM.

Here is a definition from Marketo: “Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready.” They go on to ask, “Why? Because 95% of the prospects visiting your Web site today are there for research, but as many as 70% of them will eventually buy a product from you or from your competitor.”

According to the observations of Marketo, less than 5% of the people who want free information from your web content will buy immediately. Marketing automation using an email campaign will enable you to provide the education. Why would you want to leave them wandering around the web to gather research on their own?

Find a way to lure them like a miniskirt. Once you have their attention, use marketing automation to feed them the information they want. Nurture your sales leads and develop a trusting customer relationship. When they trust the information you provide, they will trust enough to purchase from your company.

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