Should You Eliminate Teleworking to Increase Sales?

Should You Eliminate Teleworking to Increase Sales? image 0 march6blog3Should You Eliminate Teleworking to Increase Sales?In case you haven’t heard yet – Best Buy appears to be following Yahoo!’s lead on teleworking.  They aren’t exactly banning it – but their manager has to approve it.

Lets face it – it’s no secret Yahoo! and Best Buy have struggled lately.  Thus their recent CEO appointments.  Despite increases in stock prices, their solution to help increase sales further appears to be banning teleworking.

That’s like being thirsty and then making a sandwich.

So I’ll go ahead and just say it flat out – you’re not increasing sales like you used to because you’re not innovating new ways to grow your revenue.  You’re pushing out the same stuff via the same channels via the same processes some how expecting this time it will be different.

I hate to poke a hole in your theory Yahoo! and Best Buy – but it ain’t gonna work.

Before you go banning teleworking to increase revenue – consider these options:

  1. Have you looked at your competition?  To compete – you need to know what the other is doing – and why they’re succeeding.   Look at their service offering.  Look at how they market.  Look at the ways in which they interact with customers.  AKA – put yourself in the customer’s shoes – what about your organization and theirs can you learn to be innovative?
  2. What does your data say?  All too often a standard look at your data won’t make the real problem seem obvious.  You have to dissect it in different ways via different time periods.  Perhaps profile your likely buyer.  Locate the time in which the decline started  – what changed?  If nothing changed – that’s when what you do became stale.
  3. Have you asked what your customers want via social media and via surveys?  The ultimate strategy to move forward is unlikely to be explained in your data.  The best way to find out what your customers want is to ask them.  This is something companies forget to do.  Ask via social media, via surveys, and even ask them to participate in testing your product or service.  That would go a long way to building brand loyalty.

These aren’t the only things to consider when trying to increase your revenue.  There are some organizational strategies to follow.  But either is better than banning teleworking to increase revenue.

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