Electric scooters provide a green taxi service in Amsterdam

We’ve previously seen green taxi services, including cab4one, which uses mini cars that only transport one passenger to keep carbon emissions down. Now, however, Dutch company Hopper has introduced an eco-friendly taxi service to the streets of Amsterdam that uses electric scooters rather than cars.

Providing a cheap and environmentally-friendly form of transportation, Hopper scooters are intended to be quicker than a taxi car service, as they can weave in and out of stationary traffic to decrease waiting times. Every ride has a flat rate of EUR 2.50 regardless of the distance, although the service only runs in the city centre and Zuidas WTC/RAI areas of Amsterdam.

The company claims that electric scooters produce 68 percent less carbon emissions than a traditional moped scooter. The scooters can be flagged down in the street, booked over the telephone or via the website and are operational from 8am till 8pm Monday–Friday.

The service is currently only running in Amsterdam, but the founders have plans to extend it to The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht within the next six months – transportation entrepreneurs, one to bring to your city?

Website: www.myhopper.nl
Contact: www.myhopper.nl/contact

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