How to Do Effective Social Media Marketing

How to Do Effective Social Media Marketing image social media marketing 300x199How to Do Effective Social Media MarketingNo business in its right mind would do away with opportunities to attract customers but they should know the right place to put their efforts to. One of the best ways to do marketing these days is online because not only is it effective, it is incredible cost-effective as well. Its effectively could get hampered when done improperly so it always helps to do some research before getting started. If you are considering getting started on a new social media marketing strategy or find that your current results are less than ideal, here are a few pointers that might help lead you to the right direction.

  • Branch out when you can afford to. This is not in the sense of being able to afford something monetarily but if your efforts are successful enough for you to get started on something else. Once you have the ball rolling on one method, it may be time to get to work on a new one. This way, you avoid any potential disasters brought on by change. In business, it is always a good idea to have a back up.
  • Concentrate your initial efforts on one or two platforms. While most people think that more is better, you may be diluting your best efforts by spreading your marketing efforts too thin. Do not be deterred by fears on missing out on a target market by not using this or that platform but narrow your choices down and get to work. Once you see something performing, you can focus all your energy on that instead of using several platforms that are barely doing anything.
  • Do some A/B or split testing. This will allow you to get some insight regarding the behavior of visitors on your site so you can optimize it to increase your conversion rate.
  • Make sure to follow up on your customers. More customers that visit your page are likely not to buy anything so when you neglect to find ways of finding them, imagine all the customers you have already lost. Entice them to leave their e-mail address by offering them something that may be of value and once you get their e-mail, you can make use of some e-mail marketing.
  • Make sure to monitor your returns. You may have rolled out a grand social media marketing strategy but if you do not track the results it brings, you are not doing yourself any favors. By keeping an eye out on your returns, you can see if you are losing money or making it. Make use of the many monitoring tools available and make sure you know where your efforts are going. Fox Business recommends the following: Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and Tweetdeck. Christina Warren of Mashable had this to say:

“Although ROI ≠ metrics, traditional web metrics like traffic counts, number of comments, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc. are an important component when calculating your ROI.The trick is to not rely solely on the numbers, but on what the numbers end up leading to. For instance, does your increase in website visitors correlate with higher sales? Are people that find your website from Twitter or Facebook then clicking on your product pages or going to the e-Commerce section of your site? That’s the sort of data you want to be able to look for.”

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