Effective Marketing Allows Customers To Accept Your Message Voluntarily

Effective Marketing Allows Customers To Accept Your Message Voluntarily image Social Media Sign Post 215x300Effective Marketing Allows Customers To Accept Your Message VoluntarilyThere’s nothing worse than sitting down to a fantastic dinner after a very stressful day only to be interrupted by five telemarketer calls. Well, maybe trying to relax and watch a movie on TV and being interrupted by a string of nonsense commercials at the break could possibly be worse. The point is – traditional advertising is an interruption of the consumers’ most valued commodity – time. Permission based content marketing is not forced advertising, but it allows consumers to voluntarily show an interest in learning more about a product or service. So, how can you develop a marketing program to shape your message in a way that consumers will willingly accept it?

Begin With High Quality Web Content

No content marketing strategy can be effective without clearly understanding one key element – quality web content. It is the quality and amount of web content that will allow search engines to place your website or blog in a position where potential customers can find it. Once a potential customer has found your website, what will make it interesting enough to request more information about your products or services? Content that will allow visitors to get answers to their questions or get a better understanding of how your offer can best solve a current problem will drastically improve your chance of turning a total stranger into a friend. If your visitors can see that you are being totally honest and transparent, they will view your business more favorably and just might ask for further information or opt-in to your company newsletter.

Select The Best Communication Tools To Meet Your Objectives

There are many ways to deliver your message to your target audience, both online and offline. Direct mail marketing is very effective as long as your message is intended to provide information, or direct prospects to your website, and not all about selling. Drip email campaigns can be very effective in slowly building your relationships with prospects over time. Social media is an excellent communication tool if used correctly. Some businesses just don’t seem to understand that people don’t log in to Facebook to buy. They want to socialize. The recommendations and other behaviors of people in social networks can have a drastic impact on your business credibility. Only those who feel they can trust you will voluntarily ask for more information about your business.

Content Marketing Must Be As Easy to “Opt-Out” As It Is To “Opt-In”

If there was a golden rule about permission content marketing, it would be that it is a privilege and not a right. You have the privilege of delivering your message to those who have voluntarily asked to receive it. If your goal is to be totally honest and transparent in your efforts to promote your brand, you must allow those who have asked for more information to voluntarily ask you to stop sending that information.

Consumers are sending the clear message that they are sick and tired of being constantly bombarded with advertising. What they are really looking for is important information to allow them to make well informed buying decisions. By more clearly understanding the needs of the consumer, we can turn strangers into friends and friends into our ideal customers. All we have to do is listen.

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