How Effective is Your Corporate Email Signature?

    By Henry McIntosh | Small Business

    Companies emphasize the importance of having professional business cards to make a good first impression, why not have the same professionalism for email signatures?

    We spend thousands of dollars on brand image including websites, brochures and business cards but we often ignore the fact that hundreds if not thousands of emails are leaving the company everyday. A well designed and consistent email signature will positively effect your brand image. An organisation’s email signature is perhaps the most overlooked part of the modern business environment.

    I have complied some key points to help you increase the effectiveness of your corporate email signature.


    A lot of companies will have a standard email signature that every employee has to implement themselves, this means that the employee has full control of how it looks which can lead to situations where employees forget to update it or even change their job title! Crossware Mail Signature allows you to give control of the company email signatures only to those you need it, for example as part of the Marketing department I manage everyone’s signatures – this allows for complete consistency.

    A business email signature doesn’t have to be creative, consistency is the main point here. Every employee should have the same design and layout, no matter where the mail is being sent from. For example, the image below is how my signature looks on a desktop and my mobile signature looks exactly the same.

    How Effective is Your Corporate Email Signature? image signatureHow Effective is Your Corporate Email Signature?

    Mobile Device Friendly

    The number of emails sent from mobile devices has obviously increased significantly over the last 5 years, but is your corporate signature appended to mobile emails? Email is the biggest form of corporate communication and one email could make or break a deal. “Sent from my iPhone” is not a professional email signature!

    Below is a screenshot of my current email signature on my iPhone. I sent this email from my iPhone and it appears with the same branding as if it was sent from the office. The size of any imagery is also important to consider here, a lot of people will read your emails on a mobile so be careful not to include large images, as this will often distort the layout of the email.

    How Effective is Your Corporate Email Signature? image mobile signatureHow Effective is Your Corporate Email Signature?

    Email Advertising

    Another way to increase the effectiveness of your corporate email signature is to add promotions or advertisements at the bottom. In the image above you can see my current email signature advertisement, that ad is promoting our latest video and is appended to all of my emails. This greatly increases the amount of traffic to our website.

    It is important not to ‘over do’ any email advertisements, if the ad is too big or does not relate to your company you are just spamming people every time you send an email. If the ad is too big it will overpower the actual message but too small and it will loose effectiveness.  As previously mentioned the balance between big and small is important to work out because smartphones will adjust in relation to the images. The size of my current ad allows it to be easily visible on both desktops and mobile devices.

    Social media Links

    Also in the above images you can see that my email signature has our social media links in the top right corner of every email. They are not screaming for attention at the bottom by my important details, they are hiding up the top where they are still visible to those people who are interested. Don’t blast everyone with huge Facebook icons at the bottom of your corporate emails, be subtle – if someone wants to like your Facebook page, they will find it by themselves.

    Legal Disclaimers

    Perhaps the most important feature of a corporate email signature is the legal disclaimer. There are already laws within many EU countries that will result in large fines for every email without the appropriate details at the bottom. These regulations are tightening around the globe, soon to be implemented in Canada and Australian authorities are also discussing it. Appending a legal disclaimer is very common but there are still a lot of companies without one.

    So, is your corporate email signature up to scratch? I would love to hear your thoughts surrounding corporate email signatures – do you agree with my points? Comment below.

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