The Economist Brings Back The Joy Of Reading

Our world as we know it is in a constant state of evolution with most of us mired in the woes of the Digital age. We are almost losing out on the smell and feel of printed books. Technology has reduced our attention spans and we are severely submerged under tons of information. In all this, ‘The Economist’, a current affairs publication, has launched a campaign that hopes to bring back the joy of reading in our lives. Through the campaign, The Economist asks people to thank those who introduced the concept of reading in their lives.

‘Joy of reading’ has a dedicated microsite of its own. Armed with an adorable, soothing design that takes you back to your childhood and some interesting animation, the site enables you to share your own story of being introduced to your first book. Each of the stories that are created by us are then brought into life in the form of an animated video.

The Economist Brings Back The Joy Of Reading image The Economist Joy of reading 001 1024x522The Economist Brings Back The Joy Of Reading

The microsite is divided into ‘Create your story’, ‘Story of the day’ and ‘Gallery’ with options to share about the site on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline. The stories displayed in the gallery can also be shared with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter. To promote the campaign, the publication has created a short film ‘Celebrate the Joy of Reading’ that features real people thanking the person that introduced them to their first book. The story of Rohan thanking his grandma for introducing him to ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ is sure to touch your heart as it did mine.

Uploaded on the YouTube brand channel 2 days back, the film has received more than 1.5K views. Integrating the microsite with Facebook and Twitter is also helping in spreading the word amongst the social media community. Besides, the Facebook page has also been sharing about the campaign.

Going by the sweet memories it brings back, one is sure to go, read a book before going off to sleep. And, perhaps this will help The Economist to survive the long run.

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