In Dubai, taxi drivers now double as tour guides

    By Tom | Small Business


    Tourists taking a taxi around an unfamiliar city can often rely on drivers to offer up their take on the best places to visit. Taking this on board, the Dubai Taxi Corporation is now officially training its cabbies to act as guides while they’re on the job.

    Operating as part of the government’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the company has launched a course which helps drivers to sharpen their skills when it comes to providing information about tourist opportunities in the United Arab Emirate. Some 1,590 taxi drivers have already graduated from the courses, enabling them to provide extra value to passengers with advice on hotels, restaurants and sightseeing locations.

    Much like David Weekes’ London hotel room taxi, the Dubai Taxi Corporation has recognized the importance of the mode of transport to tourists and extended its services to cater for traveling visitors. Are there other extra services that taxis could provide?


    Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise

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