In the Driver’s Seat with Danica Patrick [Infographic]

    By Brian Wallace | Small Business

    Danica Patrick has become a household name. Besides becoming the first woman driver to secure the pole position at the Daytona 500, Patrick has been starring in well-known commercials for, a web-hosting service.

    While Danica Patrick has made a career on the track, how does her driving fare off the track? Does she drive a normal car or get speeding tickets?  Patrick drives a Mercedes ML63 AMG, a midsize luxury SUV that sells for about 92,000. Her first car was a Mustang Cobra, she owns a Lamborgini Gallardo and she got her first speeding ticket when she was 16 years old.

    Patrick admits that she’s been pulled over for speeding 12-15 times, leading to at least six traffic tickets. She chalks up her habit of speeding to the fact that she has a bigger comfort zone than most other drivers. Because of this, she’s comfortable breaking the speed limit more than others are.

    Despite driving faster than the law allows, Patrick takes safety seriously. She uses Bluetooth when she talks on the phone while driving and she keeps a constant watch on other drivers. While she’s had a fender bender or two, Patrick has never been in a serious accident.

    In this infographic, takes a look at how Danica Patrick drives through life off the racetrack.
    In the Drivers Seat with Danica Patrick [Infographic] image Danica Patrick 7504In the Drivers Seat with Danica Patrick [Infographic]

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