How To: Drive Video Views with Digital Media

Creating a video for your company, brand or service to be showcased online is a great way to increase awareness of your offerings and increase the potential for purchase. In fact, according to a recent study by Eloqua, nearly 50% of people surveyed said they would be more likely to seek additional information about a brand or service after seeing it in an online video.

In addition to increased brand awareness, online video can aid in driving website traffic, increasing presence on search engine results pages and driving revenue.

Knowing the value of online video for business, it is recommended that, to maximize reach for a brand’s target audience, a holistic media strategy be utilized to support online videos, as increasing reach can be difficult (if not impossible) to achieve organically. Here are some recommendations for media channels that can reach a target audience cost efficiently:

Paid Social Media

YouTube offers cost-per-view priced media that runs on YouTube and the Google Display network, targeting consumers based on current or historical viewing history, demographics or YouTube search queries. Since brands only pay when 30 seconds of the spot or the entire spot has been watched (whichever is less), this is a great way to cost efficiently maximize exposure

Facebook and LinkedIn advertising are also great avenues for reaching specific target audiences. Via text and image ads on these platforms, brands can target consumers based on interest, demographics or even place of employment or job position. This is a great channel if a brand has a very niche target audience they want to reach.

Display Video Ads

Ad units that contain the brand’s video asset can be run across ad networks and niche sites, allowing brands to reach consumers based upon demographics and web behaviors.

Paid Search Ads

Brands can leverage the demand that search provides by running paid search text ads that direct consumers to view a brand’s video on their website, YouTube channel or other web property.

By leveraging these channels as part of a holistic paid media strategy, brands can maximize reach for their videos and truly derive the most value from video assets.

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