Drinkable sunscreen protects the skin after swallowing

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    Regular readers of Springwise may remember the Netherlands’ Swallowable Parfum — an ingestible perfume that emits fragrance from the skin. Following a similar concept, Osmosis Skincare has now created Harmonized H2O, a potable solution that allegedly provides the same amount of protection as sunscreen in one mouthful.

    According to its creators, just 2ml of the drink can be mixed with around 60ml of water, offering a protection equivalent to factor 30 sunblock. The liquid is emitted by the skin, and its molecules vibrate to reflect up to 97 percent of UVA and UVB rays, Osmosis claims. Much like regular sunscreen, the solution needs to be taken regularly in order to work. If it takes off, the solution could render traditional sunscreen redundant, however it is yet to receive approval from the FDA. Although testimonials on the Osmosis Skincare site attest to its success, the science has come under scrutiny and Hermoine Lawson from the British Skin Foundation has commented on the product, saying: “When it comes to an issue as serious as preventing skin cancer, customer testimonials cannot take the place of scientific evidence, for which this particular product cannot provide.”

    100ml bottles of Harmonized H2O are available to buy for USD 30, although health-conscious consumers may want to stick to sunscreen until the drink has been fully tested. Are there other cosmetic products that better suited as an an ingestible food or drink?

    Website: www.osmosisskincare.com
    Contact: www.osmosisskincare.com/contactus.aspx

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