Don’t Abandon the Beef [Infographic]

Beef prices have hit their peak since 2003, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and it’s causing many restaurants to focus on marketing cheaper proteins from their menus to cut food costs. This is a big mistake, however. After all, beef is the number one protein in foodservice. Beef volume in foodservice grew 1.8 percent, or 139 million pounds, outperforming overall foodservice industry sales growth. Just to let you know—that’s enough beef to make 556 million quarter burgers.

Beef is also, quite simply, a crave magnet—69 percent of restaurant customers say that beef is the most mouthwatering of all proteins, and it’s the perfect canvas for the bold global flavors millennials are hungry for. Steak happens to stand out as well to restaurant goers. Evidence of this is that 47 percent of consumers would be most interested in a steak special, over a fish, chicken, or pork special. While beef prices may be high, beef itself works as a form of instant marketing. Nearly two-thirds of patrons say they would tell their friends about a great beef restaurant meal, compared to 36 percent for other proteins.

Put simply—beef drives profits. Are you a beef lover? How would you feel if your favorite restaurant removed beef from its menu? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check out the infographic below presented by FastCasual.

Dont Abandon the Beef [Infographic] image 5 Reasons Beef Fits Fast Casual infographic1Dont Abandon the Beef [Infographic]
5 Reasons Beef Fits Fast Casual More Than Ever [infographic] Compliments of Fast Casual

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