Does Your Ticketing System Hamper Your Retail Business?

    By Sarah Mitchell | Small Business

    Does Your Ticketing System Hamper Your Retail Business? image Grocery aisle from shopping cart 300x225Does Your Ticketing System Hamper Your Retail Business?

    Retailing isn’t easy. Every retailer is unique and every ticket represents a specific opportunity to communicate your offer to the shopping public. But not all tickets are created equally and not all ticketing systems are flexible. To make the most of every shopper visit, you have to get your best offer in front of your shoppers every time. You need maximum flexibility and responsiveness in the way you create, deliver, monitor, and modify your offers to achieve this goal. This is critical for your stores as POPAI research shows more than 70% of the buying decisions are made at the shelf-edge.

    2 Essentials for an enterprise ticketing system

    Regardless of the size of the organisation, enterprise-wide retail ticketing systems must do two things really well.

    • Enable you to implement and manage ticketing standards across your retail store network.
    • Ensure easy and quick setup to address new requirements or changes in the retail landscape without compromise.

    Yes, retail ticketing is a critical business process. But as a retail system, it’s one that often doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Ticketing systems handle millions of shelf edge labels and store promotions every day in large retail organisations. They must handle the enormous amount of complex data required to execute ticketing used by retailers of any size. At the same time, however, they need to be flexible enough to enable retail organisations and store managers to change store offers in order to respond to competition. Good systems achieve both without compromise.

    3 Critical attributes of an FMCG ticketing system

    Recent advances in internet technology have given rise to online ticketing systems. While these systems are big on simplicity and flexibility, they are likely to struggle when it comes to meeting operational demand. This is particularly true of Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) stores who require three critical attributes:

    1. Performance
    2. Reliability
    3. Security

    Why are these three points so important? FMCG retailers deal in volume. A single grocery store can have 50,000 or more items. Supermarkets along with convenience and impulse stores can have hundreds or thousands of stores in their network. If your marketing department expects to manage store promotions throughout the network, the only way they can do it is with a sophisticated ticketing system that’s easy to use.

    Unfortunately, too many retailers are being held back from maximising business opportunities because of antiquated ticketing systems. Watch this video on a typical ticketing scenario and consider whether you’re not in the same situation as Mr. Bloggs.

    This post originally appeared on the SignIQ blog and is used with permission. 

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