Does Pinterest make sense for your small biz?

Curious whether Pinterest is a smart move for your small business? In the beginning I was too, but after doing some research on 2011s best new start up, I quickly realized the massive benefits Pinterest brings to small business owners. Are you ready to market your business on Pinterest? Here's why you should:

All you need to know about Pinterest

Social media is hot right now and with millions of users, your small business has the potential to capture a steady stream of customers. Pinterest is a virtual pin board that can be used as an online marketing site. It is rapidly growing and allows its users to post images of their favorite things.

Free advertisement

When I began my small business doing freelance work, I needed more ways to make money without spending what I was bringing in. If done right, Pinterest can do that for your small business and who doesn't want free advertisement? This alone was reason enough to market my small business on the social media giant. That being said, there is a trick to being successful on Pinterest. First you need to follow other Pinterest users that have similar interests or a need for your product. Next, you should make an effort to comment on other pins and create a virtual relationship with other users. Make sure your comments are encouraging, positive, and constructive. After completing those tasks, create a pinning strategy. It should tell a story about your business to avoid being labeled as self-promotion, which is against Pinterest rules. For example, if you own a landscaping company, post pictures of your best lawns and other gardening ideas. Or, if you have a coffee shop, upload images of a beautifully made beverage you are about to enjoy and also images of coffee in general. Find creative ways to show your product in a new setting and used in a unique way.

New customers

If your small business is ready to go viral or shown to a large audience, then your business is ready for Pinterest. There are millions of users waiting to see something they need or want. Once you find those people they will most likely buy your product or service, and re-pin your post. Pinterest allows exposure to people from all walks of life and regions.

Free critique for your business

Owning a small business is not easy, and depending on your product or service, critique is necessary. For me I need to know what topics are important to my readers and what styles suit my audience. Pinterest gives me the ability to hear from my fans and learn what their needs and wants are. That constructive criticism helps me mold my service into a profitable one. This can work for any business. For example, interior designers can get feedback on rooms they have created. Caterers can learn what customers do or don't like about a party set-up or food product.

Every business is different, but that doesn't mean Pinterest is not for every business. When used properly and creatively, Pinterest can help any small business owner.

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