Distribution: The New Differentiator for Partner Marketing

If you’re in the marketing business, you know that strong content is imperative. Today’s market uses the buzz term “content marketing,” and at the core of this idea is the same target that’s been on everyone’s radar for decades: strong content creation. Across the board, companies have shifted their focus to creating great content, but they frequently fall short on an equally important part: distribution. Your content might be well-written, hit all key message points and present the company in the most flattering light possible, but if nobody sees it, your success rate connected to your content marketing drops dramatically. These days, everyone has upped their game when it comes to content creation. The new differentiator is distribution, and how well companies tackle that step will influence how effectively they reach their audience and how many new leads and sales they generate.

Getting it Out There

More often than not, the affiliate network isn’t the main issue for marketers. Most already have well-established connections with the right people, partners and websites that represent their products. What they typically lack is the tool that allows them to distribute their content from one source to many endpoints, for example vendors distributing content to a partner community. In today’s business landscape, there are several technology options that already exist to help with effective content distribution.

Content syndication technologies allow companies to ensure that all of their marketing content is disseminated quickly and effectively throughout their online partner channel and that updates to messaging are made automatically, so partners are never accidentally promoting outdated or incorrect messaging or branding. The partner channel is an integral dimension of the sales and marketing execution strategy for many organizations, and it has enormous potential to immediately enhance sales growth – both for the principal company and the partner. Unfortunately, if a channel is not properly managed and incorrect, dated or inadequate material is pushed out (or just simply overtaken by your competitor’s marketing), it can also be a liability that negatively affects the brand and impairs future growth. Content syndication technology automates distribution, ensuring that this doesn’t happen. It also alleviates the workload for providers and partners who previously had to manually enter and update messaging and promotional activities – a costly resource strain and error-prone approach. Channel marketers are free to automatically send and accurately update content directly to partners’ websites, giving them the ability to generate high-quality leads with very little effort on their part.

Going Social

Given the explosion of Twitter as a key business communication channel, content syndication technology also offers the ability for a brand’s Tweets to be easily and effectively distributed throughout the partner channel. In the past if you wanted to get frequent messaging out to a partner community, many marketers relegated themselves to a process that involved emailing recommended Tweets to their partners to be manually loaded. Today, content syndication technologies can be fed to automatically produce the necessary Tweets from each partners’ handle, and in many cases customize landing page links to lead back to the individual partners’ sites, which are automatically cobranded with the partner’s information. This automation makes it appear as if the Tweet is generated by the partner and ensures that the partner benefits as much as the principal company.

Today’s businesses have much more effective options than their predecessors for ensuring accurate and efficient content distribution. Producing high-level content has been a focus for years, but with the advent of improved content sharing technology, the emphasis on how that content is distributed to key partners has recently received greater focus. The new differentiator in today’s market isn’t strong content alone; it’s what you do with it. Meaningful content needs an effective distribution method to fully reach its potential. Content syndication technology addresses that need, ensuring that partner channels continue to be a source of profit and success, without negative branding repercussions.

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