Disadvantages of Buying SEO Articles From a Writing Service

For blog owners and web businesses, an effective way to attract traffic is to use SEO articles. Posting articles can help promote a product or service, or any content for that matter, drawing attention from potential customers and other interested parties who search the internet. However, a business owner might be too occupied to write such articles personally, and feel that his or her time can be better spent elsewhere. One possible alternative is to contract an article writing service to produce the desired SEO article, but even this might not work for everyone.

Quite simply, buying SEO articles from a third party such as an article writing service is not without its drawbacks. For one, most of the articles produced are often inferior, since the selling point of an article writing service is more on convenience rather than quality. A smart business owner should always take the time to research an article writer’s reputation before getting their services. This can spell the difference between keeping a good business name and damaging it because of undesirable SEO content. The following are some possible trouble spots to be wary of when using article writing services.

Outsourcing practices can lead to inferior articles

Customers tend to be drawn to a SEO article writing service because of its promise of fast, cost-effective results. Although these are good features of any service provider, the opposite can be true with article writers. The majority of these are from countries with heavy outsourcing industries, such as the Philippines and India, where labor costs are very minimal compared to the US and Europe.

Even if workers from overseas have a reputation of skill and competence, most are second- or third-language English speakers. This can be a problem because mostly such workers are usually unfamiliar with the nuances of the language, like idiomatic expressions, current and local influences and other elements instrumental to sparking interest in the article. Content that was written by less-fluent English speakers are often easy to spot. An awkward phrase here and there, improper use of tenses and missing words can all make poor reading. Having to proofread SEO articles purchased from a writing service defeats the purpose of a time-saving alternative to writing the article yourself.

Conveying the right voice and emotion in an article

The business owner is the person who knows and understands his or her own business the most. To get the best possible result, he or she should take care that the article writer understands precisely what the business needs in its SEO articles. In this regard, the writing style and the emotion used in writing the article content are very important. Their importance lies in the fact that an SEO article is written for the purpose of attracting customers, and good, well-written content can contribute much to the business in this respect.

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