How A Dirty Tongue Changed YouTube Marketing Forever

One of my all-time favorite social media marketing case studies is about a company called Orabrush. (It’s a tongue cleaner. You may not have heard of it.) The reason it’s a company you should know about is that this is one of the few companies that excel at YouTube marketing. From the very beginning, senior leadership believed in the power of internet marketing to reach their target audience.

In their early days, they made the decision to really only focus on YouTube marketing because they believed internet video marketing gave them a better opportunity to meet the masses without having a big budget. Most of their early content was put together on a shoestring budget. For example, their first video with $500 and setting up some white sheets in a pool hall.

Their first YouTube video really focused on educating people about bad breath and how the product worked:

Their tongue-in-cheek approach (pun intended) really resonated with viewers. They supported the video launch with an ad buy, which drove most traffic in the early days. Success happened quickly:

  • Within 2 days, the video was featured on the home page of YouTube
  • Within 4 weeks, they had over 10 million views
  • Using features already in YouTube, they offered free samples to people who made it through the first half of the video

How A Dirty Tongue Changed YouTube Marketing Forever image orabrush offer 300x1861How A Dirty Tongue Changed YouTube Marketing Forever

This is the moment they began to capitalize on all of the brand awareness generated from their video marketing on YouTube. Some of those people that took advantage of the free trial offer were Walmart store managers, who are empowered to place new products in their stores as a test. The Walmart managers loved the product and they asked to do test displays.

At this point, they thought, “Why not sell at every Walmart? How can we get their attention?” Knowing how video had worked from the beginning for Orabrush, they created personalized video kits and sent them to the senior decision-makers at Walmart corporate. In and of itself, that was a great idea, but using Facebook Ads to get attention at that same time was brilliant. A short description of their process (and results) appears in the video below:

My point? You don’t have to spend crazy cash or be a sexy product to be successful with video marketing. (Or any digital marketing) With $500 and a great strategy, Orabrush has become the #2 biggest branded YouTube channel of all-time, right behind Old Spice.

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