Digital pinboards group educational media resources

The social web has broadened the possibilities for informing and educating, and we’ve already seen sites such as Kroupys, a Q&A platform for higher education students to share knowledge. Now, Learnist is a Pinterest-style site which enables users to collate online resources by theme.

The brainchild of social learning company Grockit, Learnist allows its users to create Learnboards, to which they can add images, videos and links to web content that fits their subject. Topics on the site range from collections of vegetarian recipes and information on writers block, to more in depth collections of resources for learning about web design or the arguments behind current political issues. Learnboards are sorted by theme and users can like and comment on collections. While the site is open for anyone to use, it could have particular value in the classroom, as teachers could easily give students access to a reading list for their course.

Learnist aims to make learning easier for both the casual researcher and those engaged in more formal education. Are there other ways to simplify the process of knowledge-sharing?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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