Digital Marketing Lessons from the E*Trade Baby

Oh baby! Talk about a seriously cute brand strategy. Far surpassing the “googoo gahgah” language, E*Trade’s talking baby mascot is a genius combination of sweet and sarcastic.

E*Trade Financial – an online brokerage service – has garnered an incredible amount of buzz with this baby-based strategy. Created with Grey New York advertising agency, the E*Trade baby has been doling out advice and criticizing mom for nearly five years. Their message is simple: even a baby can do it. As the ads picked up momentum, their digital visibility and engagement increased immensely as well.

Although the future of the E*Trade baby is unknown, the brand’s longevity with the ad campaign thus far is certainly worth exploring. We provide three of the top digital marketing lessons learned from this wise-beyond-his-years baby below:

Digital Marketing Lessons inspired by the E*Trade Baby:

Keep it Simple. As the E*Trade baby says after the click of a button: “You just saw me buy stock.” It’s important for businesses to keep simplicity in mind in order to impact traffic and sales. In this advanced digital age, consumers expect a user-friendly site and streamlined experience.

Communicate your Value. Hidden fees are certainly a financial issue, and the E*Trade baby acknowledges that – plus offers a solution. This is an excellent way for the brand to demonstrate the worth of their services (with a little humor!). Effective communication is a necessity for businesses within all industries.

Always have your Customers Back. Placing the E*Trade baby in the position of best man at a wedding symbolizes that the brand always has your best interests in mind. Plus, the introduction of their investing dashboard is consistent with all of their messages: simple and reliable. This steady marketing strategy illustrates the importance of brand voice for every business.

E*Trade struck marketing gold with their comedic baby campaign. Their success over the years provides lessons for other businesses looking to increase digital buzz and improve brand messaging. Contact ZOG Digital for all digital marketing solutions.

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