Digital Marketing Drivers: Traffic, Time on Site, and Conversion Rate

Marketing has drastically evolved with the introduction of the internet. The internet has given birth to many new marketing practices that before were impossible to accomplish. The internet gives you the opportunity to create more focused marketing campaigns. This allows you to capture your target demographics’ attention better. However don’t think that the internet is done evolving, social media to taking marketing practices to places it has never been.

With so much data flowing through the World Wide Web, measuring your marketing efforts has never been this easy. You can find out loads of information and adjust your campaigns accordingly, leading to increased conversions. No other media channel gives the customer so much interactivity. No other time in marketing history has engagement between the brand and the customer been so easy and accessible. Overall, it leads to a better user experience.

Having a website is only a small part in the process; you have to have people know you exist. You want to increase your online exposure, to do this you need to do some promotional ads. Banner ads and pop-ups seem to be very popular options. You should find media buys on sites with similar traffic to yours. Do some research and see what keywords those sites rank for, if you see matches with your site then proceed to work out a partnership. Active Social Media campaigns work great, capitalize on the easiness to share content leading to the viral effect.

Once you begin to get traffic on your site, you want that traffic to stay as long as possible before bouncing. Your strategy should be to lead the customer through your marketplace and eventually to complete a transaction. Having interesting content and a well-thought out sales funnel will greatly help you out. Your digital strategy should focus on driving traffic, time on site, and conversion rate. If you master all of these drivers you will be a very successful internet marketer and make a lot of money.

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