Digital Domino’s is Much Tastier Than a Pizza

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Dominos Pizza, A Tasty Digital Morsel

Digital Innovation is the result of domino effect starting with Digital Leadership

Picture the scene. It’s movie night, you are with your friends, great people you trust around you. Pizza on the menu – so some really tasty stuff to eat, and the movie? Well it’s a movie no one has watched before. A couple of people have read reviews but basically aside from knowing who is starring in the movie everyone has that sense of anticipation and hopes that the movie is a great one.

What I’ve just described are the emotions and the feelings we should aim to create amongst our digital teams.

  • An acknowledgement of the greatness within each member of the team and their digital skill as individual.
  • A focus on building trust amongst the team
  • An honest sense of excitement and respect for that element of unknown that often accompanies a digital strategy or digital campaign

So, what’s so important about this? If you are an organisation that wants to transform their digital you want to get to the point where you have a team that you trust and they trust each other. You want to instil the motivation and excitement that abounds with all the possibilities provided by digital. But how do you do it?

Here’s how:

Digital Domino’s – Three steps to authenticity within your team to create digital greatness:

1) Make your vision clear and bring it to life for your teams. Don’t keep it sealed in a box, only to bring it out once a quarter in a PowerPoint. Your vision is your company’s future story. Make it exciting, live it yourself

2) Once you have people engaged with your vision you will really start to sense trust amongst the team and a renewed energy about participating. This allows you to delegate. In a digital world ownership plays a big part in success because there are so many parts to the digital mix, ownership is a winning formula

3) Great, so you have a living breathing vision and delegation amongst a trusted team, the next thing that happens is magic…innovation. Not forced innovation but motivated by the prospect and excitement of what might be.

Digital Domino’s; the knock on effect of a very simple but powerful leadership act. Try it and let us know how you get on.

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