Diamond Leadership Series #4 Consistency

Diamond Leadership Series #4 Consistency image consistency golf1Diamond Leadership Series #4 Consistency

Today brings us to the fourth C of our 5 C’s of Diamond Leadership. The fourth C is Consistency. This is where most people get tripped up; on their leadership attributes. It’s easy to do something that you agreed to do for the first few days, or even the first few weeks, but maintaining that commitment over time is a challenge. It requires a certain level of discipline to be consistent in your actions. The ability to show consistency is often related to your level of commitment. Consistency is about achieving a level of performance that does not vary in quality over time or state of emotion. One of the reasons great leaders are so effective is because their team can rely on and trust in their stability. They know what to expect from their leaders and don’t have to play guessing games about how they will react or respond to an issue or challenge based on how the leader feels that day.

Being consistent irrespective of your emotional state does not mean that leaders are expected to be robotic. It’s actually quite the opposite. Most effective leaders are very passionate about their mission and their teams and they let that passion show. That passion becomes infectious and helps to create a culture and climate full of energy and excitement. However, do not confuse passion with emotion. If you allow yourself to be lead by your emotions, that will quickly cripple your consistency. How many times have you said you would start going to the gym every morning at 6am or start reading your Bible at least once a day or go running every morning? You start off strong for a few days or maybe a week and then you fall off. You fall off because you’re too tired one morning or because you’re depressed about something or angry at someone. These are all examples of allowing inconsistency to creep in because of how you feel. This is even more damaging when a leader lacks consistency in how they treat a team member based on emotion. This sends a message to that team member and the entire team that your ability to lead effectively is based on how you feel. What happens next is you have a team that is more concerned about keeping you happy and not pissing you off than they care about the overall goals and objectives. Lack of consistency simply becomes an unnecessary distraction because no one is sure what to expect from day to day.

To ensure you maintain consistency as a leader and promote consistency among your team, follow these three tips:

  1. Write or print your company, organization or team’s vision and post it somewhere visible and/or carry it with you in your pocket, wallet or purse and refer to it daily as a guiding principle for decision making
  2. Set yourself up for success by setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself and others. Constantly challenge yourself but make sure the goals are attainable. Setting unrealistic goals and never achieving them can be discouraging for anyone.
  3. Be yourself. It sounds cliche and seems self evident, but it needs to be called out. Allow your personality & passion to shine through. More passion, less emotion. Do not try and mimic someone else’s personality or character. It’s easier to be consistent when you’re being yourself because being you comes natural to you while taking on
    someone else’s persona is just too much work.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. ― Anthony Robbins #NoShortcuts

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