Device warms liquor for consumption in vaporous form

    By Sophie | Small Business

    It’s not often that an entrepreneurial innovation completely changes the way a traditional product is used, but the Vaportini just may be a fresh new example. Created by a Chicago bar owner, the globular glass device is used to warm liquors at the table so that drinkers can enjoy them in vaporous form.

    The Vaportini consists of a glass globe and a glass straw along with a plastic funnel, metal ring and candle. Users simply place the candle in the bottom of a standard pint glass and light it. The metal Vaportini ring goes on the top of the glass, and the glass globe sits atop that. Using the funnel, roughly an ounce or so of liquor is added to the globe; generally, drinks with a proof of 80 to 100 work best, including vodka, gin, bourbon, rum, tequila, brandy and absinthe. In any case, after five minutes of warming over the candle, a clear vapor is created. Users then insert the glass straw into the globe’s opening and inhale deeply, hold their breath for a few seconds, and then exhale again. Because alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, without going through the digestive tract, the Vaportini offers the advantage of no calories and no impurities. In addition, the effects of consuming alcohol are immediately felt, and they wear off more quickly, the company says.

    Inventor Julie Palmer launched the Vaportini at Chicago’s Red Kiva lounge in 2010. Now, though it’s currently out of stock, she’s also offering it up for sale online to US consumers for USD 30 per kit, with bulk pricing available. Retailers and restaurateurs around the world: time to get involved?


    Spotted by: Tracy Chong

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