Through device, owners can treat their pets remotely

    By Tom | Small Business

    No pet owner likes to leave their dog or cat at home alone, and we’ve already seen the Petcube offer a way to check upon and play with them remotely. Now Petzilla is a device that enables owners to remotely connect with their animals via voice and give them a treat when they’re at home on their own.

    The wall-mounted device features a HD video camera, mic and speaker, and plugs directly into an AC power socket. Users first connect the Petzila to their wifi network, and then through the companion app can view a password-protected video feed of their home while they’re at work or away. The speaker allows owners to call their pet to the device if they’re not already in view to ensure they’re ok and let them hear their owner’s voice. The device can also be loaded with treats that are dispensed at the push of a button. The video below shows the Petzila in action:

    The Petzila has already raised over USD 60,000 through an ongoing Indiegogo campaign. Animal lovers can currently pre-order theirs through the crowdfunding site for USD 99, although it will sell for USD 169.99 once funding has finished. Are there other ways for pet owners to interact with their dogs and cats remotely?


    Spotted by: Murray Orange

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