Device locks cyclists’ helmets and keeps their seat dry


One of the things that puts riders off wearing a bike helmet is that they are cumbersome and have to be carried around when not cycling. Denmark’s Helmmate is hoping to change this perception by enabling cyclists to lock their helmet with their bike, while also putting it to use in keeping their seat dry.

Mounted on the back of the seat, the Helmmate takes the form of a plastic case that contains an attached waterproof nylon cover. When the bike is parkers, users simply place their helmet inside the cover, put the helmet on top of the saddle and use the combination padlock to lock both the Helmmate and the zipper locks securely to a post. The Helmmate costs EUR 39 and allows users to simply leave their helmet behind when they’ve finished their commute. The video below explains, in Danish, how to use the device.

Although there is still debate over whether bicycle helmets are a safety necessity for riders, many see them as protective. In the past we’ve seen innovations such as HelmetHub make moves to provide helmet dispensers for city bikeshare schemes, and the Helmmate is yet another following this trend. How else can cyclists be encouraged to stay safe on their bike?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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