This device gives any beer a head, makes it taste better

    By Tom | Small Business


    The craft beer movement has taken off in a big way in the past few years, elevating ale drinking to newly refined levels. We recently wrote about the Dual Beer Glass, designed to improve the quality of the speciality ‘half and half’ drink, and now the Sonic Foamer is a device that can give any beer a head in seconds, improving its aroma and taste.

    The machine is a platform that uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a froth on top of the beer, whether it’s a fresh pour or down to its last mouthful. Users simply place their glass on the device and press a button on the front, with a head appearing in a few seconds. The Sonic Foamer could be especially useful for craft beer drinkers, as the head not only helps the beer keep its flavor, but also releases the drink’s aroma as its bubbles pop. The video below explains more about the invention:

    Having already proved to be somewhat of a hit in Japan, its developer California Creations is set to launch the product in the US in the coming months. Are there other ways to help beer lovers enjoy their lager that little bit more?


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