Device and app monitor a car’s health and give fuel efficiency tips

We’ve seen numerous mobile apps designed to improve drivers’ safety on the road, but Automatic takes what may well be the most comprehensive approach to date. With the help of a small device that plugs into the car, the Automatic app monitors that car’s health, makes money-saving driving tips, remembers where the car is parked and more.

Users begin by plugging the Automatic Link device into their car’s data port; it supports every gasoline-engine car made since 1996, its San Francisco-based maker says. Once that’s done, the car and smartphone will automatically connect wirelessly whenever the user takes a trip. Among the services Automatic provides along the way are driving suggestions for better fuel efficiency, trip timelines including miles per gallon, and automatic crash detection as well as sending alerts to 911 and loved ones. Also available are engine-health monitoring and parking reminders. Pricing is USD 69.95. The video below explains the premise in more detail:

Both the Automatic Link device and the accompanying app for iPhone 4S and 5 will be available to US consumers in July. For Android users, an app will be released this fall. Automotive entrepreneurs in other parts of the world: one to get involved in?


Spotted by: Tracy Chong

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