On-demand design tweaks at USD 15 a pop


Companies such as TaskRabbit have already spearheaded the crowdsourced jobs movement for those that can’t — or don’t want to — perform small chores themselves. Created by freelance design community 99designs, Swiftly is a new resource for technophobes who need a quick digital design job completing in a couple of hours.

Relying on the professional designers and developers that make up its online community, Swiftly offers services ranging from file conversion, photo resizing and cropping up to image retouching, logo alterations and banner ad fixes. Users simply upload the design files they need changing, a freelancer with the necessary skills is found and the job is completed within a couple of hours. Customers then approve the job and pay a flat fee of USD 15.

For businesses who can’t afford their own in-house design teams, hiring a professional can often be expensive, especially when they charge by the day. Swiftly helps those companies to get small fixes done quickly and cheaply, while also rewarding freelancers with extra income. Are there other technical fields which could reap benefits from a model such as this?

Website: www.swiftly.com
Contact: www.swiftly.com/contact

Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise

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