Delicious: 1 Billion Links Served (a Day)

Like some ever-expanding galaxy, the Internet grows larger each day – and potentially more difficult to trek through. Social bookmarking services like Delicious make it easier to find, collect and share content ranging from blog posts to photos and videos as we make our way across the Net. Delicious has grown into a platform where people share more than a billion links a day in more than 200 nations worldwide.

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Delicious lets you add links to the community, organize your collection of links and share them with specific people, and browse links curated by the community. You can collect and curate links that you find involving interests such as marketing trends or social media.

Marketers can use Delicious in any number of ways, such as sharing links with others in your company, tracking social mentions and organizing the interesting content that you find on the web.

Delicious was founded in 2003 and became a popular service that allowed people to easily share web bookmarks. The site was acquired by Yahoo in 2005 as part of Yahoo’s Web 2.0 makeover, but Delicious would fall into decline in the succeeding years. Delicious eventually realized it was no longer a good strategic fit for the search engine.

Yahoo sold the site in 2011 to Avos Systems, a San Mateo California-based company led by YouTube cofounders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Avos took Delicious “back to beta” with a re-launch in Fall 2011.

Social bookmarking was a craze in 2011 as Pinterest, the pinboard-style photo sharing community, became all the rage. But Delicious wasn’t totally outclassed. A VentureBeat writer described the new Delicious as a slick revamp filled with new features and functionality like Delicious Stacks, collections of links that you can share.

Social Integration, Better Search

Delicious has been working at integrating with other social networks – rolling out both a Twitter Connector and a Facebook Connector last year. Twitter Connector gives you the option of tethering your accounts so that a link is saved each time you tweet, retweet or favorite on Twitter. Facebook Connector lets you import every link you’ve ever shared on your wall while maintaining your original privacy settings.

Early this year, Delicious launched a major update involving a new design, better search capabilities, enhanced profiles and keyboard shortcuts. The company touted the refresh as a faster, mobile-friendly experience that gives users better access to the community as a whole.

So, what do you think about Delicious? Do you think the site has been heading in the right direction since its acquisition by Avos two years ago? How do you think it compares to social competitors like Pinterest? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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