Defining Goals For Your Site

Defining Goals For Your Site image GoalDefining Goals For Your SiteIf you have ever heard me speak at WordCamp or worked with Marketing Press you know we like to talk about the goals of your site. Many web developers miss the mark when they start off an engagement by talking about the site’s aesthetics.

Yes, how the site looks is very important, but it’s secondary to achieving your goals. Websites should be designed to solve problems.

Very few people I say I need a new site, for the sake of having a new site. In the beginning they may say, we need a new site because our’s is dated. Dated is usually client code for – “It’s not working for my business.”

After some discussion with the client, what they meant to say was,” I want my website to rank better, represent my brand better, generate more leads, get people to buy my xyz widgets or inform the community.”

What we have found is there are only three goals you can accomplish on your site. Three, and only three.

Three Goals of Web Design

  1. Publish content for search
  2. Create a community around your product, service or brand
  3. Conversion

(Note: I purposefully left generating revenue off of the list. Making money is not a goal, but rather a byproduct of accomplishing your goals.)

That’s it. That’s all. Three goals. How simple is that? Now think, what do I want to accomplish with my site? Moreover, which of these are most important to my business?

If you ask these questions as a web designer your design before you plan the project will come from a strategic position. It’s easy to be creative when you have a goal in mind, but it’s hard to satisfy your site’s goals when you have design in mind first. By asking these questions, you are setting the stage for success.

As a site owner, if you think about these goals with your specific challenges in mind, you can articulate what you really need. Making a site look nice is the easy part, making one function meet your needs takes way more strategic thought.

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