Define Your Retargeting Strategy and Increase Your ROI

Every marketer knows that no campaign is perfectly static. There are always adjustments and refinements that need to be made to keep the campaign fresh, relevant and cost-effective. Marketers employ a variety of tricks to try and reach the right customers with campaigns, such as site retargeting and behavior targeting, but a more comprehensive approach can improve the accuracy of this targeting and, consequently, increase the potential return on your investment.

That’s where customer relationship retargeting comes into play. With CRM retargeting, you can experiment with a variety of retargeting methods and use a wide array of user data to target customers in the most relevant ways. Here are some tips to help you lay out a structure for your retargeting strategy.

Use several different ads at once

Using three to five different ads simultaneously will ensure they aren’t overlooked. Fresh approaches increase your odds of maintaining high visibility with your targets. But using multiple ads at the same time also lets you evaluate their efficacy alongside one another. As you identify ads that are more effective than others, you can weed out less effective methods and use your successes to guide your future ad development. Ultimately, you should see the conversion rates for these ads increase, directly affecting your bottom-line.

Implement retargeting specific to each transactional phase

At various points during the opt-in or transactional process, you’re bound to experience would-be conversions that are abruptly abandoned. You can increase your odds of attracting those individuals back to your offerings and completing the purchase with creative retargeting. For example, if someone bails out of the checkout process when about to buy a product or service, you can attempt to get that customer back with an ad that offers a discount. That way, you’re only offering those discounts to people who came close, but didn’t quite pull the trigger, on the transaction. This strategy brings a sharper, narrower focus to your retargeting and will give you plenty of data to help you better understand your customers.

Don’t waste retargeting efforts on the wrong audience

Does your CRM retargeting continue to target consumers even if they’ve already opted in, made a purchase or completed your desired conversion? If so, you’re wasting valuable dollars trying to win over people who have already made the commitment. It isn’t hard to integrate a retargeting list that records everyone who has opted in to a campaign, so they can be removed from all targeting efforts. In doing so, you conserve your resources for the targets that are actually worth your while, and you avoid annoying those who have already taken the plunge.

Always aim to get better

When it comes to ad copy, your advertising approaches and other elements of your marketing, it’s important to keep questioning your approach and brainstorming new, fresh strategies that might prove more effective. It’s easy to get complacent when a strategy is successful, but if you sit on what you’ve currently got then you may be missing out on  other campaigns that could prove even more effective.

Over time, monitoring the success of these various moves – and eliminating ineffective retargeting measures – is what will continue to deliver strong results and a greater ROI. Campaigns should never be viewed as fixed processes; you want to test new methods and throw out the innovations that fall short of your expectations. If you continually prune your efforts down to the elements that produce the best results, you should continue to see upward progress and a more attractive ROI as the campaign wears on.

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