How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate (and Convert More Visitors)

You’ve a decent traffic to your site.

But you’re worried still, because you have got a high bounce rate. Way too few conversions.

Your visitors come. *ARGH* They leave.

Why does that happen? Do they get reminded of some urgent work? All of them? Every time? Of course, they don’t.


Today we’ll discuss some major mistakes behind your increasing bounce rate and how you can convert more visitors by fixing them up.

Remove pop-ups (or optimize them)

We can hear some voices saying that popular sites like Kissmetrics, Social Media Examiner and Search Engine Journal have been using pop-ups for a long while now.

See, pop-ups may be working for them, but they are often the conversion killers – and one of the main culprits behind increasing bounce rate. Plus, they are irritating. Annoying. At times brand damaging.

It’s an industry best practice to stop bludgeoning your users with pop-ups.

If you want to use pop-ups to increase your conversions, however, we recommend you to remember:

  • They shouldn’t appear too often.
  • They shouldn’t appear immediately upon entering your site.
  • They should nudge your users and not irritate them.
  • The lesser the fields, the better.
  • A/B testing is pivotal to making them convert.

Make your videos actually work

Studies after studies have proved that videos are a great to engage with your customers and make them stay on your site longer.

But the problem comes up when you force your users into watching your video. In other words, when you put videos on the autoplay mode.

What’s important here to understand is that if users feel good about your site and find it deliciously irresistible, rest assured, for they’ll definitely see your video.

W3C recommends turning off autoplay. ReelSEO says “autoplay video ads on your website means you hate your customers”.

That’s because giving an optimal user experience helps you convert more customers than any possible thing.

Convert web users from scanners to buyers    

There’s a reason why web users are scanners. The Web is full of crap. Spam. Pop-ups. Ads. They’re just about everywhere.

In such a world, the only option is to make your site worthy of your users’ time. If you’re able to do it, your users will not just read your content but also buy from you – and tell their friends about it.

Now the question that arises is, how do you make your site remarkable?

You can easily do it by aligning your site’s purpose with customer intent. That means giving your customers a noticeable call to action button on every page. That means optimizing your site for search engines so you rank on more and more relevant keywords. That means making sure your site loads as quickly as possible.

Care to share your thoughts on how to decrease bounce rate?

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