How to Deal With The Top 5 Creativity Roadblocks

    By Lindsey Nelson | Small Business

    How to Deal With The Top 5 Creativity Roadblocks image creative block 300x225How to Deal With The Top 5 Creativity RoadblocksThis past November I had the opportunity to see SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott speak as a part of Drexel University’s Fireside Chat series.

    One of the best pieces of advice he gave the entire night was, “sometimes you need to put your feet on the desk and look out the window and think about new ideas.”
    Creativity is the backbone of new.

    Whether it’s products, something innovative, or even a really awesome Halloween costume, it is an incredible skill. But occasionally, things get in the way.

    Here are 5 creativity roadblocks and how to deal with them:

    Self-Doubt. Too often are we fearful that our ideas won’t be accepted or even worse – totally rejected. This self-doubt prevents us from sharing our ideas and forces us to miss the whole point. A product born from a creative idea only succeeds with collaboration, with testing.

    How do you deal? Embrace the fear, but remind yourself that this is an essential step in the creative process. If you believe enough in your idea, you will find someone to help you take it to the next step.

    Noise. No great idea can come when you’re reading a tweet, answering an email, texting, playing a game of Words all while on a conference call. Think about the story of gravity and Sir Issac Netwon. What was he doing when he “discovered” gravity? He was sitting under an apple tree taking a snooze.

    How do you deal? Turn it all off and keep open only what you need. Whether it’s a pen and paper, a white board with a marker, or your iPod and an apple tree, find your quiet space to look out the window and think. The noise won’t stop unless you make it.

    The Cynics and Traditionalists. They exist everywhere, and the cynics typically have company. The traditionalists are stuck in their ways and solve every problem with a standard process. Don’t let anyone tell you can and cannot do. Or how you should do it.

    Things previously considered impossible and fictitious are now real life. Take for example Machine-to-Machine technology. Only in movies did we see this possible. Now we are on a direct path to having an interconnected world.

    How do you deal? Listen to a few things they have to say, and then cut them out. You embody the best traits of those with whom you are surrounded (I can hear my mom saying ‘I told you so’). Work with people who are critical, but also receptive of your idea. Nothing’s wrong with a devil’s advocate, but something is very wrong with a total pessimist.

    Procrastination of Deadlines. For some, deadlines help. For others, it can be a real killer of creativity. For those of you procrastinators out there, just because you don’t feel the pressure of the deadline doesn’t mean the hard stop is nonexistent.

    With today’s world, things must be done quickly and right the first time. Therefore you need all the time you have. If you time manage, avoid procrastinating

    How do you deal? When you put it on the to-do list for the day, actually do it. Allow a few extra days. I know it’s hard, but here’s where planning and time management will help. Keep a list, don’t add things to it. Get everything done on that list then create a new one. This will help you get motivated to complete more.

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