Deactivate WordPress Plugins Even if You Cannot Login [Video]

Sometimes if you cannot login to WordPress admin area it can make it very hard to troubleshoot any problems you are having. Thankfully, if you have self hosted WordPress, (running WordPress on hosting you purchased) you can then access more settings to see if you can fix the problem that way. This tutorial is not for the faint hearted non technical person. It is a risk editing files and folders on your server hosting if you are not sure of what you are doing. Therefore you must proceed at your own risk.

In this tutorial I will show you how to deactivate WordPress plugins manually, without having to login to your WordPress dashboard.

How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins

I will show you two ways to deactivate WordPress plugins when you cannot login to WordPress Of course you need to be able to access your server either through your domain cpanel or FTP software.

1. Deactivate WordPress Plugins Manually Through

Through either FTP or your cpanel file browser and renaming the entire plugin folder so they actually do not exist in your WordPress site.

2. Deactivate WordPress Plugins Through PHPmyadmin

Entering the PHPmyadmin area and changing your active__plugins within your options database table.

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This is a great tip to know because we often install plugins that can cause errors with our blogs. If you can disable WordPress plugins just so you can access your admin area to delete the offending plugin, you will be saving loads of money on DIY fixes.

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