A Day In The Life of The Internet

    By Rob Punk | Small Business

    If it wasn’t for the internet, we would go crazy. Think about it – no Facebook, no Twitter and obviously no socialization (being that most of us completely ignored face to face conversations). This infographic from HostGator decided to look at a day in the life of the internet. You will be amazed how much we depend on the internet. Since 2000, the number of users have grown over 500% and today 37.3% of the world’s population uses internet everyday. Another fact that catches the eye is that 8 new people start using the internet every second – yes, you read that right – every 8 seconds! For more facts and figures on the internet and our dependence on it, take a look at this infographic below.

    A Day In The Life of The Internet image day in the life of the internetA Day In The Life of The InternetA Day in The Life of The Internet via HostGator

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